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Individual Issues

In difficult times, everybody needs someone who will listen without judgment and offer guidance. Our counselors help clients identify their strengths and build on them to determine a plan to meet life’s challenges. Often, conflict or stress is the result of learned behavior that once served a purpose for the individual but is no longer appropriate. Recognizing the root causes of a problem is crucial to resolving it. Many times, such inappropriate behavior can be unlearned through careful treatment. We can help with:

Anger ManagementEating DisordersMid-Life Transition
Anxiety IssuesFamily IssuesParenting Issues
Career CoachingGambling AddictionPornography Addiction
Conflict ManagementGriefSchool Challenges
Crisis CounselingIdentity IssuesSexual Challenges
DepressionMarriage Enrichment IssuesStress Management
DivorceMedical IssuesSubstance Issues
Domestic ViolenceMen's ChallengesWomen’s Challenges