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Our Fees

Client fees are determined based on the client’s need as well as her or his ability to pay and insurance coverage. We accept most major insurance and Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) coverages. In the event that a CASA therapist is summoned for legal proceedings, it will be necessary to bill the client for full fees for therapist’s time away from the counseling office. Missed appointments may result in an hourly charge of $45 if the client fails to notify the therapist in sufficient time for rescheduling of the reserved office time. Please be aware that insurance may not reimburse for mediation, review of records, extensive phone consultation or missed appointments. These charges would be the responsibility of the client. This is merely an estimate of fee considerations and we cannot guarantee this as the final amount of fees that will be due.Payment in full is due when services are rendered. We accept cash, personal checks, Mastercard and Visa.