Cynthia Lucas, MA, LPCA, NCC, CPT

Cynthia serves adults 18 and over. She helps those who are dealing with depression and anxiety, the death of a loved one, or unresolved childhood events, to develop healthy coping skills. She assists clients experiencing chronic pain and/or obesity with setting fitness goals, and learning to feel better in their bodies. In addition, Cynthia is an advocate for LGBTQ clients, helping them deal with issues of sexual and gender prejudice.

Cynthia enjoys works with individuals one on one, as well as in a group setting. Her therapeutic approaches include cognitive behavioral therapy, eclectic therapy and psychodynamic therapy.

Cynthia considers it an honor to accompany clients on their journey toward a higher level of mental as well as physical wellness. Twenty years as a personal trainer allows her the unique opportunity to combine both disciplines to help clients on a multidimensional level.

To schedule an appointment with Cynthia, please call 704-237-0826.